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'Why Zach Charbonnet?'

Height & Weight 

6'0 -- 214lbs


Ascension grade

Pro-bowl ceiling

55.86 -- RB #4


High-end traits  (80th percentile & up) 

   Skill set as a receiver 

Lane creation

Through contact solutions 

Force & short-yardage power


Low-end traits (30th percentile or lower)


Stylistic comparison

Joe Mixon meshed with Dameon Pierce 

Projected role comparison

Three-down player (James Connor)


Charbonnet has a bit of old school to his game that I appreciate. 

Runs with violence, and is a chore to bring down in the open field.


Linear driven as a mover - runs tall, and deploys straight arms as a shiver technique to negate contact. 

His balance post-contact continually impresses.


Presses holes with a higher level of comfort than he did earlier on in his career. 

Knows 'when' 

Element of timing added to his toolbox along with his ability to rip through singular wrap attempts is a deadly combination.


Watch the usage of his pads around the 13-yard line. 

Able to accelerate into the defender after he creates his boundary side lane.


Complex, multi-layered through contact back who understands solutions for different contact types. His aggressive running style makes him a tough out at the second level - when you combine that with his subtle movement skills (sidesteps, inside jabs) he becomes an intriguing downhill runner.


Charbonnet shows the ability to navigate low contact which is extremely important for a taller back.


He can still bend & produce force into the defender. Love seeing this and NFL front offices will as well.  


Much more diverse skill set here than on first glance. Even though he was mostly deployed on screens, and check-downs where he consistently displays soft hands & the patience to set up his blocks.


Wasn't used often on timing patterns such as angle & option routes, but has the capabilities to threaten the MOF with his consistency combined with his size. 


Multi-layered solutions. 

Quick peek to pause to help negate pursuit than the upswing technique to help break through consecutive contact.

Not to mention the nonchalant hurdle of #21. 


After the catch is where he is a true threat. Check it down, and defensive backs will need the cavalry to bring him to the ground. This is where the James Connor role archetype rings true.


Reliable option as a receiver and has the frame to provide the help needed in pass protection. 


An area that I like to look at with bigger backs is how well they handle second-level engagements.


Can they break a defensive back down? Can they win with power as well as laterally? Charbonnet checks those boxes.


Urgent, decisive runner who does a great job chaining together pace & power. Has shown the ability to manipulate second-level defenders to get to his crease.  


The biggest knock on him last year was his inability to slow the game down and process accordingly, there is a night & day comfort level making decisions from his Junior to Senior seasons which is key to him being a three-down back at the next level.

Expectations & Range of outcomes

Charbonnet's capital, like many backs will dictate his early career workload. With his frame and capabilities as a receiver, he projects to have a sizeable touch share if he can quickly adjust to the speed of the NFL from a processing perspective. 


Landing in a downhill, power-based scheme would be great for his skill set. 

Currently expecting Day 2 capital and a lead role by the end of his Rookie year. 

Range of outcomes vary from secondary back in a committee to high volume starter and a weekly fantasy RB1. 

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