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'Why Chase Brown?'

Height & Weight 

5'9 -- 209lbs


Ascension grade

Above-average starter ceiling 

49.86 -- RB #7


High-end traits (80th percentile & up)

Movement tools

Movement economy 

Non-linear athletic qualities

Anticipatory qualities

Success in short areas

Lane creation & dealing with 2nd level defenders

Low-end traits (30th percentile & down)

Non-linear acceleration patterns 

Depth of receiving skillset 

Stylistic comparison

Mark Ingram II meshed with Ty Johnson

Projected role comparison

Primary secondary option with starter upside (Mark Ingram II)


First thing that pops into mind when looking at both Chase Brown as well as his brother Sydney is physicality. 

Tough, never say die runner with a broad through contact skillset deploying a variety of straight arms, and shoulder drops at different angles.  


Strong, low-to-the-ground runner who is linear driven in terms of a movement skillset & toolbox.

Does well at re-accelerating post-contact & re-directing his path to gain additional yardage. 


Brown is also a back that is above-average post-contact. Both in a tunnel and in an open space. 

When in singular engagements, he is a good bet to get past the first defender. 


Can be creative with rotating through contact and accelerates well off of it to get back upfield. 


One of my favorite reps from Brown.


Gets stuck in a tunnel, finds his way out and is able to chain together moves in succession to get to the second level. 

Brown_Box1 (1).gif

On outside runs, I look for Brown to cut back more than often.


Good accelerator through his cuts and plays with solid pace & control.


As a receiver, we see a middle-of-the-road skillset with Brown. 

Doesn't have the lateral skillset to be a danger on option & choice patterns, but has the ball skills to be a reliable option.


Watch the skip-step at the 34-yard line. 

One thing to have speed, it's another to be able to gear down and manipulate defenders with your change in gears. 

Ran 4.43 at the combine, but this is the more impressive work from Brown that is a need from an NFL starter. 


Again, good play speed from Brown who displays the ability to consistently get up to the second level with his capabilities in early acceleration. 

Front offices know that Brown checks a lot of necessary boxes, and can provide chunk plays. 

Expectations & Range of outcomes

Brown is a back that I believe will either be a lead back or a 1b type rusher in a strong committee. 

Runs with urgency, and an attitude that will immediately impact an NFL offense. 

In fantasy, he is a likely RB3/RB4 with upside in a role similar to Jamaal Williams in Detroit.

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