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'Why Zay Flowers?'

Height & Weight 

5'9 -- 182lbs


Ascension grade

Pro-bowl ceiling

55.86 -- WR #4


High-end traits (80th percentile & up)

Separation quickness

Transitional capabilities

Early acceleration 

Creating yards post-catch

Movement toolbox

Low-end traits (30th percentile & down)


Stylistic comparison

Curtis Samuel meshed with Jerry Jeudy

Projected role comparison

Multi-purpose weapon with primary receiver upside (Kadarius Toney)


Flowers is that kid on the playground everyone hated at recess if you were on the other team. 

The kid with the eyes in the back of his head that no one could put a hand on. 

Gifted mover with some of the best open-field anticipatory skills I've evaluated at receiver. To be able to make the catch and simultaneously make #8 


Wins with both variation and precision in space. 

Negates contact extremely well for a smaller statured receiver - deploys spins to redirect defenders if he feels an over pursuit. 


Kadarius Toney-like creativity to his game. Every time he touches the ball you can't predict the outcome or what he is going to do stylistically. 

Free-flowing, constraint free tools that have a mind of their own. 

Flowers_Sep4_1 (1).gif

In-route, abrupt & urgent are the words I would use to describe Flowers. 

As unpredictable during routes as he is post-catch - a good decelerator who gets in & out of steep angles quickly.


On outside breaking routes from the slot he is an extremely tough cover. 

Can get into the defender's hip and snap out of his breaks. 

Baits the defender into a severe overplay here as well.


Not overly physical at the LOS, but is urgent in getting to his landmarks to make himself available for his Quarterback. 

Shows good play speed on vertical routes, doesn't lose speed when tracking flight paths.  


This was a play that stuck out on tape even though he didn't get the ball (bottom of the screen)

The re-direct here is impressive when the defender shows boundary-side leverage. 


Deep comebacks, and stop patterns are part of his repertoire as a route runner. 

He can diversify his tree a bit to incorporate more digs, and in-breakers, but this is an encouraging sign that he isn't solely a slot only prospect. 

Deviates path slightly inside, then stops and re-directs towards the boundary to make the play. 


Doesn't do this in spades, but shows the ability to make difficult grabs with traffic or near traffic. 

Primarily will be a short to intermediate option in the league, but he presents a threat here as well. 


The Quarterback play at Boston College didn't allow for many timing patterns or a tree that showed Flowers depth of talent - however, we see it here. 


Can turn, track, and contort to make a play. 


If he wants to be an everydown starter in the NFL this is something he will have to show with regularly. 

Expectations & Range of outcomes

Said it before & I'll say it again - he has the highest upside in this cycle at receiver along with Quentin Johnston. Has the movement tools, field IQ and three-level potential to be a cornerstone player at his ceiling. 

I am expecting a Stefon Diggs like Ascension with Flowers, moving from secondary option in an NFL offense to one of the league's premier receivers with experience. 

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