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'Why Zach Evans?'

Height & Weight 

5'10 -- 205lbs

Ascension grade

Tertiary Option 

37.24 -- RB #15

High-end traits  (80th percentile & up) 

Non-linear athletic qualities

Movement Economy

Early acceleration 


Low-end traits (30th percentile or lower)

Anticipatory qualities

Creativity in short areas

Movement toolbox 

In-space solutions

Stylistic comparison

Elijah Mitchell meshed with Miles Sanders

Projected role comparison

Secondary/change of pace option as a rusher (Chuba Hubbard)


Violent, downhill back with the accelerative capabilities behind him to slip past linebackers at the second level.

Can be punishing as a runner - best when he lowers his level and initiates contact.


Evans has this lackadaisical, almost lethargic element to his game that is difficult to describe. 

There are holy s*(^ moments on his tape - but has moments where you have no idea how he was a top prospect at the position coming out of High School.


Has a tendency to deflect contact with a straight arm to create more space in one on one engagements. 

Needs lanes to produce, and can struggle to create behind the LOS, however once he gets two to three steps underneath him he can deliver chunk gains in a blink.


Not an overly diverse through contact skill set, but a punishing one it can be.


Can have difficulty maintaining his balance post-contact, and often stumbles when contact is low and in-direct in path.

Evans_Movement_toolbox2 (1).gif

This is an area of opportunity & improvement for Evans.


When you pop on his film, you see many focus drops and inefficient hand pathing. Will rely a lot on his acceleration capabilities to chew up ground post-catch on check-downs, screens or swings.


Do not envision a high-volume role as a receiver for Evans due to the current inconsistencies surrounding this part of his game.

A large part of Evans' upside are the what if's. The upside is a Pro-bowl caliber back, but the inconsistencies are what may push his stock downward. 


Strict mover who has struggled to obtain a significant lateral skill set over his time at TCU & Ole Miss.


Most of his toolbox obtains both deflection and contact negation. 


He has the underlying athletic qualities to be a better lateral mover, just needs to slow the game down & process a bit more gradually.  

When he does get into space, you can see the combined qualities that make Evans intriguing. 

Watch how he hops outside his blocker (#22) to bait the defender to stay tucked a bit longer - this is the good stuff with Evans. Want to see more consistency with it. 

Expectations & Range of outcomes

Difficult to deny Evans' talent. Top running back in his High School recruiting class and a physical skill set that screams 'lead back'


However, you add in the character concerns noted at both schools, and his role being reduced twice - you get a lot of uncertainty surrounding his NFL ceiling. 

Only receiving 15 touches 33% in his collegiate games leads me to believe he will have a secondary role to begin his career.


Not currently expecting fantasy relevance until we see Day 2 capital. 

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