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'Why Roschon Johnson?'

Height & Weight 

6'0 -- 219lbs


Ascension grade 

High risk/High upside

46.36 -- RB #10 


High-end traits (80th percentile & up)

Through contact skillset 

Schematic versatility 

Success in short areas 

Capabilities in pass protection 

Low-end traits (30th percentile & down)

Top end speed 

Stylistic comparison

Benny Snell meshed with David Montgomery 

Projected role comparison

Every down player (David Montgomery)

Schematic fit 



Watch the chip here. 

This is the intrigue of Johnson. 

Tough, hardnosed competitor with the field IQ that matches it. 

Johnson_1 (2).gif

As a receiver, Johnson has soft hands and is a reliable option in both the screen game as well as an outlet. 

His ability to make the first man miss with both physicality and with his feet. 


Again, his ability to add a physical element to a running game is a reason why he will see high-leverage carries early & often for the Chicago Bears. 


He brings a similar physical element that guys like David Montgomery and Jamaal Williams bring to their respective offenses.  


Johnson hasn't played Running Back long, just three years. 

It shows at times with his pathing decisions. 

Would like to see Johnson be more linear with how versatile he is through contact - at times you can see him work towards the boundary when the situation could call for linear efficiency. 

Expectations & Range of outcomes

Johnson's expectations early on are going to be primarily protecting Justin Fields. 

He's the most complete pass protector in the class, and will provide the consistency needed there with David Montgomery in Detroit. 

Will be interesting to see the split carry wise with Foreman & Herbert - the issue is, Justin Fields commands around 30% of the low Red-zone carries. Not sure Johnson has much more than five touchdown upside with some secondary work as a receiver. 

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