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'Why Tyjae Spears?'

Height & Weight 

5'10 -- 201lbs


Ascension grade

   Avg to above avg starter 

50.24 -- RB #7


High-end traits (80th percentile & up)

Movement economy 

Variety of through-contact solutions

Anticipatory qualities 

Space manipulation in open-field engagements

Movement stringing

Success in condensed spaces 

Low-end traits (30th percentile & down)

Schematic versatility 

Low Red Zone opportunity

Stylistic comparison

Chase Edmonds meshed with Deangelo Williams

Projected role comparison

Secondary back in a committee with starter-level ability (Chase Edmonds)


Skilled mover who rarely makes mistakes in open space.


Spears' best trait is how easily he can manipulate free defenders with his feet.


We see him here creating boundary side space by pausing a defender's pursuit.


Can bend, pause, and skip in & out of movement patterns - always has an exit strategy.  

Adept at negating contact. 


Reliable option as a receiver with a standard route tree.


Can separate on backers on wheels & seams - his good decision-making in open space will make him a valuable option to an NFL screen game. 


Wasn't targetted in high volumes while at Tulane - only two games with more than two receptions.


Likely a high-efficiency, low-volume option here. 

In the Senior Bowl week he showed a different skillset then how he was deployed at Tulane. Was nearly unguardable in one on ones - hope this carries over to games. 


The details in his solutions pop on tape.


Again, negates and ducks through contact with the ability to accelerate instantaneously after.


High effort runner who is consistently pushing piles and running through warps & arm tackles.


Even though Spears' has a less-than-prototypical build, his variation here makes him an intriguing first & second-down option.


Scrappy, doesn't die easy. 

Continually you see how he is trying to do anything to stay upright. 

Energy giver. 


Surprising play strength and he marries that well with how good of an accelerator he is. 

Dangerous back behind the LOS with his ability to create with his feet and with his pads. 


Spears' best speed based trait is his ability to re-accelerate with variation.


Out of spins, cuts, and post-contact - very sound in quickly re-distributing force in the proper direction.


Not a burner in a straight line, but great in a curvilinear fashion - gets the edge quickly on defenders.

Expectations & Range of outcomes

The pre-draft process will be extremely important for Spears' whose stock is already trending upward after a noteworthy performance against USC in Tulane's bowl game. Has an intriguing skill set for a small school back, similar to Pierre Strong Jr. in last years class - does a lot well, but landing spot, fit and capital will decide career arc. 

Current expectation is he earns a career as a complementary option with starter potential.

If he sees Day 2 capital in a volume friendly backfield, he could move into the early second round in Rookie Drafts. 

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