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'Why Jordan Addison?'

Height & Weight 

5'11 -- 173lbs

Ascension grade

Pro-bowl ceiling 

57.48 -- WR#3


High-end traits (80th percentile & up)

Release variation & separation quickness

Transitional capabilities

Early acceleration 

Top-end speed

Positional versatility 

Three level effectiveness

Low-end traits (30th percentile & down)

Play strength 


Stylistic comparison

Darnell Mooney meshed with Diontae Johnson

Projected role comparison

Secondary receiver with three-level contribution (Jahan Dotson)


What sticks out when you initially watch Addison is how easily he gets on the hip of cornerbacks in his vertical tree. 

His 10.85 in the 100m is on full display here. 


Good timing on double moves with the fluidity during the re-acceleration phase to create big-play opportunities. 

Will immediately bring a strong vertical presence to an NFL passing attack. 


As much as he wins on the third level of a defense, his presence as a threat on schemed touches is there as well. Not overly abrupt, or sudden as a mover, but he wins with timing in open space. 

Think of how Philadelphia uses DeVonta Smith in the screen game -- intellect > size. 


See this again -- quick screen with tackle coming boundary side. 

Able to bend path subtly to the numbers, and negate contact. 


Timing -- Timing -- Timing

Addison is a finesse receiver through and through, relying on precision to win in contested catch situations. 

Patient when the ball is in flight with the body control to finish plays. 

Expectations & Range of outcomes

Realistically, we are looking at a Wide Receiver slightly behind the top tier of those 1B-type players -- Smith, Waddle, Higgins. Has the three-level functionality to have boom weeks against poor defenses with the ability to be a weekly safety net for an offense. 

This class has a lot of those guys who are likely more "2's than 1's," but that does not mean he should lack value.


Landing spot depending, I would take him around 1.08 in my Rookie Drafts as my third/fourth receiver off the board.  

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