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'Why Tank Dell?'

Height & Weight 

5'8 -- 165lbs

Ascension grade

Primary receiver ceiling

52.36 -- WR#7


High-end traits (80th percentile & up)

Release variation & separation quickness

Transitional capabilities

Boundary awareness

Low Red Zone separation 

Field IQ

Low-end traits (30th percentile & down)



Stylistic comparison

Hunter Renfrow meshed with John Brown 

Projected role comparison

Secondary receiver with primary slot contribution (Hunter Renfrow)


Lot of similarities between Tank Dell & Hunter Renfrow in the low Red Zone. 

Unguardable assets in this area of the field. 

Dell varies pace & tempo extremely well, and is equally adept at accelerating out of his variations.


When you watch Dell run routes he has this signature deception to his game. 

There isn't a common timing element to "when" he transitions through breaks - he creates plans based on how long it takes him to win the rep with his desired separation.


For smaller receivers, learning how to adequately protect yourself in the middle of the field is a prerequisite. 

Watch the awareness from Dell to "sit & pull" when he feels the MOF safety is coming down.


An underrated element of Dell's game is how dynamic he is as an open-field athlete. 

Good play speed, and is extremely abrupt in changing planes when transitioning upfield. 

Think Dell becomes a punt returner as well with how he feels openings & closures of space.

Expectations & Range of outcomes

Think Dell becomes Houston WR1 before long. 

Stroud keys on his slot receiver often -- especially in the low Redzone. 

Expecting a WR4-5 season year one with upside to becoming an annual WR3 with 10 + touchdown upside.

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