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'Why Kyren Williams?'


In the mold of Myles Gaskin— meshed with the reliability & lack of surface level athleticism of James White

Movement toolbox & Through contact skill set


The first word I would use to describe Williams as a mover is, deliberate. 

While he isn't as abrupt an athlete as others in this class he is adept at using precision to keep defenders off balance during engagements.


Being able to create space for himself is something that Williams does exceptionally well.


He isn't going to stiff arm defenders like Najee Harris & Derrick Henry, but he can still negate contact and gain additional yardage.


Again, creating space for himself to get upfield by negating contact.


Plays stronger than his listed size, and regularly makes the right decision to maximize yardage.


Williams has the best feel for lane closures out of the running backs in this class, his anticipatory qualities at the line of scrimmage lead to one on one opportunities.

You see again how easily he can create & negate.

Skillset as a receiver


A large part of Williams' draft stock is tied to his multi-dimensional capabilities as a receiver.


His versatility is what is going to lead to him being a primary third-down option. Think of James White or Geovani Bernard in terms of immediate NFL role.


Option routes, texas routes and short to intermediate concepts are where he fits in terms of a route tree.

Not a sudden route runner, but consistently displays good timing & the hands to finish through the catch point. 

Williams is not a big downfield threat due to his lack of top end speed and smaller stature, however he doesn't need to be to be a productive pass catcher at the next level.

Anticipatory qualities 


From a cognitive & anticipitory standpoint Williams displays the ability to quickly diagnose sudden engagements. 

Efficient problem solver in space. 


Really like how Williams deals with early engagements.


Has a lot of success against backers and free defenders. 


Williams is just as efficient in tight areas as he is in space. In short yardage situations he is a plus decision maker. 

While he doesn't have the capability to move a pile he consistently makes the correct decision on high pressure downs.  

Capabilities during acceleration & at top-end

Williams_Accel1 (1).gif

Makes the correct decision to re-route path in the backfield, negates the engagement from #12, and has enough top-end speed to finish the play. 

Enough is the key word here.

Williams is an average accelerator, and below average in terms of top-end speed. 

Ascension grades

Tier 1: 75.00 & over -- Gold Jacket potential

Tier 2: 65.00 - 74.99 -- All-pro ceiling

Tier 3: 55.00 - 64.99 -- Pro-bowl ceiling

Tier 4: 49.98 - 54.99 -- Average to Above-average starter

Tier 5: 44.96 - 49.97 -- High ceiling / High-risk prospect

Tier 6: 39.50 - 44.95 -- Secondary committee option 

Tier 7: 39.49 & below -- Depth piece with low ceiling

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