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'Why Jameson Williams?'

In the mold of Will Fuller IV — meshed with Jaylen Waddle’s abruptness as an accelerator

Separation quickness & through break transitions


Williams is at his best when he is decisive and sudden at the line of scrimmage.


Arguably, his best attribute is his ability to accelerate to maximum velocity quickly.


Getting into acceleration immediately is a big part of his game. 


The subtle pause and instantaneous transition upfield is a gift that Williams has.


Any sort of space he is given, he can seemingly erase. 


I talk about this often, but the threat of the receiver is just as important as their actual physical capabilities.


Watch the backstep the corner takes. No reason to take that other than fear. 

Play speed & yards created post catch


The deceleration to acceleration is again what is special about Williams trait wise. 

Nice short, inside push release to propel into acceleration, then the brief decel with nicely dropped angles to aid re-accel. 

Note: #5 is Kelle Ringo - Five star recruit who has ran a laser verified 4.35 40. 


Williams’ can path fluidly at high speeds - as a level three option this is important to note.


Combine that with how well he can vary pace, defenses will need to know where he is at all times. 


After the catch if he has space it's going to be six points in a hurry.


Just like former Alabama receivers Henry Ruggs III and Jaylen Waddle, good luck taking angles on them.


Nearly impossible to get an accurate read on Williams due to his stride efficiency.


Bama hid Williams in split & bunch sets consistently and it was a great way to make it difficult to get a hand on him.


Giving Williams any space to operate with or without safety help is an issue.


Defenders at the NFL level will be much more physical with him at the line of scrimmage, however there is also the constant threat of ‘what if he gets by me’


Williams flashes physicality despite a smaller frame.


Really enjoyed watching him as a gunner as well. Not overly physical, but a tough receiver to bring down once he gets a head of steam.

Catch concentration

Williams_Con1 (1).gif

He isn’t a big threat in jump ball situations, but he does show the ability to make away from frame receptions with ease.


Lanky frame with a solid catch radius. 

Williams_Con2 (1).gif

Williams was schemed open often at Bama, however there were times he flased the capability make difficult contested receptions.


Stronger hands than you would think, with a lot of room to grow. 

Ascension grades

Tier 1: 75.00 & over -- Gold Jacket potential

Tier 2: 65.00 - 74.99 -- All-pro ceiling

Tier 3: 55.00 - 64.99 -- Pro-bowl ceiling

Tier 4: 49.98 - 54.99 -- High floor primary receiving option

Tier 5: 44.96 - 49.97 -- High ceiling / High-risk prospect

Tier 6: 39.50 - 44.95 -- Niche role player / spot producer

Tier 7: 39.49 & below -- Depth player with low ceiling

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