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'Why James Cook?'


In the mold of Phillip Lindsay -- meshed with the receiving versatility of  J.D. McKissic

Anticipatory qualities


First thing that sticks out about Cook is his between the ears skill set. Has a knack for feeling openings & having a multi-dimensional toolbox of ways to be efficient given the situation.


Has a ton of fun slide steps, micromovements to his game.


High level of cognitive pairing.


Can essentially anticipate the opening & adjust pace / length to slip through openings.


Stay tight - time it downhill.


Has good gears as an accelerator, but the internal clock is what is continually impressive with Cook.


Makes everything look effortless.


“Easy mover”

Movement toolbox & Play speed


His slighter frame actually acts and an aid here. Able to abruptly shift his mass at higher speed without decelerating.


Helps him gain a significant advantage in space.


Two very economical solutions here as a mover from Cook.


1 - bend path by the freed defender


2 - sneaks inside of the hip of the backer without decelerating


Not an extremely noteworthy play, but I enjoyed how much space he created away from the first defender which on a third down, helped move the chains.


The little things about his game are what I enjoy.


Not overly powerful, or flashed elite analytics.


Just a damn good feel for the game and as a mover.


Smooth, easy accelerator with a surprisingly solid top-end.


He’ll surprise backers at the second level and create bad angles of pursuit because of his fluidity.

Skill set as a receiver


A versatile receiver who can create ample separation at all levels against backers & safeties.


Can be split out wide, or work in the slot - similar receiving skill set to J.D McKissic.


Can run the full running back route tree with proficiency - extremely good angle route.


Shoulders and hips to sideline, breaks it off with one step to the middle.


Like the deviation towards the boundary here - shows the depth of craft he has in his routes.


Will be a big part of his game with Josh Allen & co.

Ascension grades

Tier 1: 75.00 & over -- Gold Jacket potential

Tier 2: 65.00 - 74.99 -- All-pro ceiling

Tier 3: 55.00 - 64.99 -- Pro-bowl ceiling

Tier 4: 49.98 - 54.99 -- Average to Above-average starter

Tier 5: 44.96 - 49.97 -- High ceiling / High-risk prospect

Tier 6: 39.50 - 44.95 -- Secondary committee option 

Tier 7: 39.49 & below -- Depth piece with low ceiling

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