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'Why Christian Watson?'

In the mold of Breshad Perriman -- meshed with the alignment versatility of Cedrick Wilson Jr.

Play speed


Watson’s combination of length and top-end speed make him an intriguing vertical threat for a Green Bay offense devoid of playmakers.


He doesn’t sport an expansive route tree, but does have the capabilities to grow into a multi-level winner.


What surprised me when watching Watson’s tape was how he was used as an extension of the run game. Sweeps - jet touches - one read runs from split.


Similar usage in that facet to Robert Woods a couple years back in LA.


This is impressive because he has the capabilities in the open field as a decision-maker to contribute here.


Likely won’t be a part of his NFL role, however he shows he is capable.

Yards created post catch


Watson doesn’t have an overly broad toolbox, but I do enjoy his physicality after the catch and as a blocker.


Here is the physicality showing up as a blocker.


Important to note because the label of him being as just a deep threat is false in this case. Can contribute in the run game, as both a runner & a blocker.


Again, the usage of Watson out of the backfield and the success here are unique for his size.


6’3 receivers aren’t supposed to be primary options in the run game.


His capabilities here will be interesting to monitor as he transitions to an NFL system.

In-air athleticism & catch concentration


As a slot option, Watson’s length makes him difficult to contest on fade concepts. Would like to see this frequently early on in his career as he gets more comfortable.


Hand positioning and control are solid - just needs more experience against upper-level corners.


As a downfield option, this is going to be extremely important for Watson’s development - being able to use his size to wall-off defenders.


Lots of unrefined skills with Watson, but also lots of potential.


Like how Watson comes back to the ball here.


Attacks it and can extend while near prone.


Good tracking capabilities that weren’t on consistent display due to NDSU’s run-first offense.


Does a nice job getting inside, then not decelerating so he can finish the play.


In traffic, middle of the field. Rodgers is going to force Watson to make these plays if he is going to be ‘the guy’ in Green Bay.


He can get there but do want to see this against better defensive backs.


The potential is evident - however, so are the questions.

Through break transitions


As a mover, Watson isn’t overly fluid - but rather predictable and segmented at times.


Will be a difficult transition to in-breakers.


However, I believe his speed will prove to be an asset on comeback and stop patterns if he can decelerate with more consistency.

Ascension Grades

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